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It's time you found a hand sanitizer that is not only safer for your family, but lasts longer. Meet BAC-D® Original Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers. BAC-D® Sanitizers kill 99.99% of illness causing germs upon contact- and for 3 or more hours! The tough germ-killing power you want- in a gentler, alcohol-free, formula.

How does              work?


Meet our active ingredient, Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK)

Kills germs for 3 or more hours*



*The leading hand sanitizer only kills germs until it dries, an average of 3 seconds!

Why use Benzalkonium Chloride?

  • BZK is recognized by both the FDA and EPA as a proven biocide

  • Alcohol-Free

  • Non-Flammable

  • Does not try or irritate skin (doesn't burn on those sneaky papercuts or scraped knees!)

  • Safe for children's use

  • Kills germs upon contact for 3 or more hours after application, versus the leading hand sanitizer span of only 3 seconds (until solution is dry)

Scientist on Tablet

See how               is made!


Quality products begin with quality manufacturing. Take a peek inside to see how BAC-D® is manufactured... right here in the USA!

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